Dienst 2


Kees Dorst heeft het volgende gepubliceerd:

  • Design aspects of stone pitchings on river and lake dikes. CEMENT 2000/7.
  • Design aspects of stone pitchings on Noordoostpolder dikes. Land & Water 2002/9.
  • Design aspects of stone pitchings on river and lake dikes, part II. CEMENT 2003/4.
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management, from policy to Design. COPEDEC VI 2003, Sri Lanka.
  • Scouring of a root reinforced bed and broader applications. 2nd International Conference on Scour and Erosion 2004, Singapore.
  • Free access for riverine fish along the Dutch Rhine, hydraulics and construction of a fishway. 2nd International Yellow River Forum 2005, Zhengzhou, China.
  • IJmuiden breakwaters: selection of renovation options and scale model investigations for a new top layer of concrete blocks on the impermeable core. 2nd International Conference on Estuaries and Coasts 2006, Guangzhou, China.
  • Restoration and conservation of fish migration in the lower and middle Yangtze River Basin: pilot project Wu River. International Symposium on Three Gorges Project & Water Resources Development and Protection of Yangtze River.
  • The Influence of core permeability on the stability of concrete armour layers, case study IJmuiden breakwaters. ICCE 2010, China, Shanghai.
  • Fish migration in The Netherlands. Hydraulics, construction and monitoring techniques of a fishway, case study Dutch River Rhine. International Symposium on Ecohydraulics 2010, South Korea, Seoul.
  • A guide to cope with erosion in the broader perspective of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, India. Climate of Coastal Cooperation 2011, Co-author.
  • Restauration of fish migration at the Afsluitdijk, The Netherlands, a unique challenge. International Symposium on Ecohydraulics 2012, Austria, Vienna.
  • Free migration for fish! Communal approach for restoration of the continuum of the River Rhine and Meuse. From Sea to Source, International guidance for the restauration of fish migration highways 2012. Co-author.
  • Interface stability of granular filter structures under currents. ICSE 2012, France, Paris. Co-author.
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  • A vertical geotextile to prevent piping, an important innovation. 2nd International workshop on Geosynthetics and Modern Materials in Coastal Protection and related Applications 2013, Chennai, India.
  • Penetrated armourstone as bridge pier protection. Armourstone Users Group meeting, HR Wallingford, 2013.

handleidingen en kaders

Kees Dorst heeft bijgedragen aan het opstellen van een aantal handleidingen en kaderstellingen:

  • CUR: Breuksteen in de praktijk Deel 2 (1999)
  • TAW: Technisch Rapport Steenzettingen (2003)
  • CUR: CRESS (Coastal and River Engineering Support System) (vanaf 2005)
  • CUR: Adviescommissie Waterbouw (vanaf 2010)
  • CUR: Joint Industry Project Grensvlakstabiliteit (voorzitter, nog in productie) (vanaf 2012)
  • ENW: Technisch Rapport Harde Bekledingen (nog in productie) (vanaf 2012)
  • KPP-Deltares: Noodmaatregelen bij dreigende dijkdoorbraak (nog in productie) (vanaf 2012)
  • CUR : Belastingen door scheepsschroeven (nog in productie) (vanaf 2013)
  • Shoreline Stabilization Methods, PIANC CoCom WG2 (nog in productie) (2008 - 2013)